Return and Replacement

Replacement Conditions

  • You may have your product replaced in no later than 3 days as from the date of receipt thereof.
  • The period of returning a product for replacement is for a maximum period of two weeks.
  • If any product is found to be damaged in the replacement process, the customer is notified of additional fee
  • The right to replacement may be exercised for no more than twice
  • Return is not applicable for a product that has been requested to be replaced for more than once
  • Cargo fee of the returned products is under the liability of the customer.


If you do not feel 100% satisfied from the shopping you have made from, you may either replace it with another product, or claim the refund of its price. You are entitled to return your product free of charge in no later than 3 business days as from the date of its delivery. The product in question should remain unused for you to be eligible for exercising this service of ours. Return is not applicable to the products that do not fulfill the foregoing requirements.

You may easily return any product you are not satisfied with to You may consign your product by the mediation of Yurtiçi Cargo by way of clicking on the "ürün iadesi" (product return) button at the bottom of the page, and fill in the form thereupon. When we are to receive the product you would like to return, it undergoes an assessment to be performed by our authorized persons, and you are transmitted with the status details when the return is realized.

The products that are not returned within the said 3 business days of time are not accepted.

 Return Conditions

  • You may return your product in no later than 3 days as from the date of receipt thereof.
  • The product you would like to return should be placed within its original box/package in unused condition, and not to have lost its merchantability.
  • You should consign the product you would like to return together with its original invoice, and upon filling in the form at the bottom of the invoice with "Return Request" indicated in writing atop of it.
  • accepts the return of only the products that have not lost their merchantability status. When you either indicate the reason of your return request, or request for replacement, the price of the product in question is refunded to your account.
  • Our return department examines your return cargo upon its receipt. The price of the orders you have cancelled are refunded to the credit card via which you have made the payment thereof in no later than seven business days. Reflection of your refund to your bank statement may vary according to your bank's respective procedure.
  • Cargo fee of the returned products is under the liability of the customer.

Return Procedure

Step 1: Fill In Your Return Form

  • Fill in the 'Return Request Form' at the bottom side of your invoice. Indicate your refunding request clearly in the form.
  • If the invoice of the product is a corporate one, you are to consign the product with a return invoice to be issued by the respective corporation in the form of "Unit Price of the Product + VAT", without the cargo share added. The returns of the orders, invoices of which are issued in the name of the respective corporations, shall not be deemed consummated in case the respective return invoices thereof are not issued.
  • Return is acceptable only from the person who has purchased the respective product.  

 Step 2: Place The Product Within Its Original Box

  • Place the product you would like to return within its original box. Your return is to be acceptable only if the product and its box are as they were when you received the delivery thereof, and have not lost their original and merchantable status.

 Step 3: When Your Return Arrived At

  • Upon receiving your return package, checks the products, and refunds the price you have paid to the credit card, via which you made the respective payment. You are not to pay any more fee for this process.  

 Feedback Regarding the Used Product

In case you have encountered any problem as a result of your use, the procedure proceeds with our examination process. The product you have consigned in order to undergo examination with return request is examined by our Examination Department. Examination period varies from 15 to 30 business days. As a consequence of the examination performed, the examination report having been respectively drawn up by us is transmitted to you.